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Travel Tips

Useful Numbers

We have prepared for you a list of Sidari useful numbers. In case you can't find a specific number please don't hesitate to contact us.

Municipality of Esperion

Sidari Town hall 2663.072346,-7,-8 Fax 2663.072345 Municipality Development Enterprise 2663.099055
Clean- up department 2663.095272
Fax 2663.099339
Water supply 2663.031311
Technical services 2663.032115 Citizens’ service centre 2663.099461,-2,-3
Musical academy 2663.031908  

Public services

Police department of Karoussades 2663.031222 & 2663.031233
Fire brigade of Acharavi 2663.064599 & 2663.064199
Port authority of Paleokastritsa 2663.041297 County court of Oros, Αg. Douli 2663.094449
Post office of Karoussades 2663.031201 Agricultural Development Office of Karoussades 2663.031370
Agricultural veterinary clinic of Karoussades 2663.031507  

Health services

Health centre of Ag. Athanasios 2663.071312,-3 Regional community clinic of Velonades 2663.071343

Sanitary stations

Karoussades 2663.031377 Magoulades 2663.051050
Avliotes 2663.095440 Agιoi Douli 2663.094050

Education (High schools)

Amfipagites 2663.095201 Karoussades 2663.031314

Education (Primary schools)

School centre of Velonades 2663.051223, 2663.051470 Karoussades 2663.031202
Avliotes 2663.095450  

Education (Primary schools)

Avliotes 2663.099020 Magoulades 2663.051740
Velonades 2663.071773 Peroulades 2663.095887
1st Nursery school of Esperion 2663.095152  

Other Sidari useful numbers

Taxi station 2663.032400 The Association ’’Smile of the child’’ 2663.051755
Hospital 2661.088200 Port authority 2661.040002
Prefecture 2661.036972,-9 Olympic Airways 2661.038694
Bus station 2661.039985 Ferry- boat 2661.032655
Failure of electricity 125 Failure of telecommunication system 121
Fire brigade 199 Urgent help centre 166

Sidari Beach location

Accessed from the main road through the resort. Take any of the signposted lanes down to the beach. Follow these secondary roads for a distance of between 0 - 1 km. depending on the road chosen.

Car Parking

There is a large car park behind the beach but this often gets very busy and you may have to park on the roadside, some distance from the beach.

Food Outlets/Restaurants

There are many to select. The widest possible selection.

Sun beds / Umbrellas

Around the main beach and near the Canal there are many sun beds and umbrellas.


There are few. For toilets, use the beach bars or tavernas

Safe For Children?

Yes. This is a very shallow and sandy beach-ideal for children. The main beach is very child friendly and is away from the road. The canal though has some very dangerous unmarked lethal cliffs - do not let children explore on their own.

Water sports

Every type of water sports seems to be available. All except jet ski. You will find water ski, banana rides, paragliding, ringos and scuba diving.

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