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Getting Around


Set on the north coast, Acharavi is a small resort offering a surprising variety of activities. Restaurants, shops and bars are strung out along the one main road which is set back from the beach, making for a pleasant stroll in the cooler parts of the day.


Roda highly developed tourist resorts on the north side of the island. The inhabitants are strongly attached to their traditions. The coastal area of Almyros is also of great archeological interest because of the cemetery discovered which is still being excavated.


In the northwestern part of Corfu, 40km from the city we meet the village of Karousades. It is a graphic village on the road to Roda that distinguishes for its traditional architecture. It is built in a beautiful location. It is worth visiting and walk through the graphic pats of the village.


Built on a hilltop, with a history stretching back many years, Magoulades is home to The Church of Saint Theodora – the largest in the area. High on the hillside, with great views of the sea, the Monastery of Ipsili is a beautiful example of Corfu’s religious heritage.


A village situated in the less explored and unspoilt part of Corfu. The naturally beautiful village, with marked Venetian and French influences, is currently under preservation for its cultural and architectural heritage.


The village of Avliotes is located about 5 km from Sidari. It is one of the biggest and oldest village of Corfu with a population of 1600 inhabitants, very traditional, and built on a hillside over the bay of Agios Stefanos.


The famous Arillas resort is at the northern end of the west coast of Corfu, just over a mile from Agios Stefanos and 32 miles from Corfu Town and the airport. Arillas is centred on a small attractive resort reached by a road twisting down from a lush valley. Arillas resort is popular with families and couples looking for a small modest resort with the emphasis on beach relaxation with the occasional trip into the surrounding countryside.

  Agios (Sant) Stefanos

Whether you're looking for a quiet place to relax, glorious sandy beaches or walks with breathtaking scenery, then this location has it all. However, if you're looking for umpteen night clubs and loud raves then stay in Sidari !

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