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  From the international airport of Corfu visiotors will need approximately one hour to get there. The resort established itself as one of the best in Corfu and it is very famous for family vacations. While travelling there visitors will be amazed amazed by the trully breath taking landscape.
The Old Village and the Beach

  The resort of Acharavi is actually two parts, the Old village, which lies southeast of the main junction, comprises a small, quiet crescent of tavernas, bars and shops with a brook running through. The sand and pebble beach, the best part of a kllometre to the north of the highway and reached by two link roads few hundred metres either side of the junction, is very popoular with European family holiday makers.

Acharvi Beach as an Alternative to southwest Coasts

  On the whole, Acharavi makes a descent alternative to the beaches in the southwest, and should also be considered by those looking for walking routes onto Mount Pantokrator. Signposted roads leaving the Aharavi main road for small mountain hamlets such as Agios Ayios Martinos and Lafki connect with well-signed routed to the mountain.

  Even a stroll from the backstreets of Acharavi will find you well up on the mountain's slopes in under an hour. The lower slopes around Acharavi offer some excellent walks through olive groves, where paths criss-cross between the trees in a pattern of labyrinthine complexity.

  As elsewhere in the region, however, the olive grove paths are these for a specific purpose, and will invariably bring you out to another road or village, although not always the one you might expect.

Acharavi Beach Guide

  Type: Acharavi strenghts for almost 3 klilometres and it is a sand and pebble beach.     

  Sunbeds: There are sunbeds and umbrellas available for hire on the beach.

  Facilities: There are showers on Acharavi beach. For toilets you can use the ones belonging to the tavernas or restaurants, provided that you buy something to eat or drink.

  Child Suitability: Acharavi is a good beach for children, it is away from the road and the water is shallow. Afternoon sea breezes can make the water choppy though.

  Accessability: Acharavi beach is very Accessible since it is flat. There is just a slight incline from the main road to get to the beach down the side roads.

  Cleanlines and Urchins: Acharavi is a clean beach and no urchins have been observed. The beach is also vey well-looked after.

  Acharavi Supermarkets: There are many supermarkets in the center of the town but as well on the outskirts of the town. However, larger ones can be found on the main road and minimarkets and tourist shops are on the side roads towards the beach.

What is there

  Acharavi Boat Rental: Boat rental is availabe in Acharavi Corfu. Offices can be found on the main road and at the ledt side of the beach.

  Acharavi Water Sports: Acharavi has an excelent water sports centre which offers water skiing, ringo rides and parasailing. It is situated on the left hand side of the beach.

  Acharavi Money Exchange: There are many places to exchange money in Acharavi. One place to do that is in the tourist type shops. There travellers cheques and foreign currency can be changed.

  Acharavi Public Swimming Pools: Many bars have pools which visitors can use. However, it is expected to buy something to eat or drink. These swimming pools are mostly situated on the side roads just off the main street.

  Acharavi Telephone: There are public pay phones on the main road and also on the beach. These are the card phone type and you can purchase a card from the main supermarkets in the town.

  Post Box:Apart from post boxes in Acharavi there is also also a main post office. So you do not need to worry if you need to send a package or an urgent letter.
Location: The post office is located on the left hand side of main road coming from the Kassoipi. It is placed inside the supermarket. Look for the Yellow Post Box with the Horn, outside.

  Children's Facilities in Acharavi: There is a play area and park just off the main road in Acharavi this is at the beginning of the centre.

  Acharavi Disabled Facilities: Acharavi town is very flat there are no hills to the shops and most of them are level with the pavement. Although be aware that the kerbs are quite deep.

  Bars in Acharavi:

  Lemon Garden (North side of the main road)

To Pythari (South side of the main road).

Captain Aris (North side of the main road)

  Restaurants in Acharavi:

Aphonea (On the beach in front of the Acharavi Beach Hotel),

Asian Palace(South side of the main road),

Manis (South side of the main road),

Neraida (On the beach, near the end of the eastern beach road).


  Acharavi's other attraction is Hydropolis. Located just 1 km to the west, is the northern Corfu's hamber rival to Acqualand. In Acqualand visitors can find the following: free fall, kamikazi many other slides and tennis, voleyball courts and billiards.


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